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Sea Fishing



Like most fisherman, Clive (a new Shed member) has many tales which he assures me are all True.

At the mature age of six Clive accompanied his uncle on a fishing trip to Ramsgate Harbour. Uncle Ken quickly set him up with rod and line, to save him getting bored like many kids of that age but within his first hour he had caught a Cod quickly followed by a Whiting and, like the fish, Clive was hooked

He tells me he gave his uncle Ken a hard time over the next few years, always asking when they could go fishing? and could they try somewhere new?  This way he visited most of the Kent coast and the thrill of fishing has never left him after over 50 years, even on the days when he hasn’t caught a sprat.

One story he told me was that late one night whilst fishing with his friends,  a 12 year old youngster screamed that his line and reel had been pulled over the side! After much weeping and wailing and jumping up and down, Clive managed to sort out another rod and reel for the boy which he used to some effect and landed a 10lb Sea Bass later in the night. The high light of the tale was that, as dawn broke and the tide went out, the lost reel was spotted down in the mud, and when everyone rushed to investigate what type of sea monster had tried to make off with his tackle, it was nothing more sinister than an enormous lobster tangled up in the line, which the youngster gave to Clive because he was very wary of the claws! Clive and the boy became friends and spent many happy hours fishing together.

Clive told me how perfect everything was on sunny days, but in when fishing in the early mornings he could get very cold so he wore many layers of clothes: starting with his wife’s tights, then two pairs of trousers topped off with a water proof pair. On top he wore as many shirts and sweaters as would still allow him to cast his line. Sustenance wise it was just a flask and sandwich in the old days although he could be fishing for up to six hours, but Clive now has all the mod cons - a small calor gas cooker to brew his tea and cook bacon sandwiches, and he wears a survival suit and warm gloves, so rain or shine he’s fine.


Clive is keen to pass on his fishing knowledge to people and tips he has learnt over the years so if you are a beginner or seasoned fisherman pop down to the shed for a yarn -  oh, and he also makes some very fine gizmos’s to improve your tackle box and increase your catch.