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Polo The Chairman


Polo  adopts Men in Sheds!

Polo adopted Men in Sheds via Mel,his owner. They met when Polo, then known as Napoleon lived at the Halfway House animal shelter in Swinderby ever since they  rescued him from the Nottinghamshire Dog pound.

When Mel met him, Polo was one of two cross bred Bull terrier/Jack Russell brother and sister. The bitch was called Josephine and the dog Napoleon, but that seemed far too Majestic and French. After much thought, Mel decided not to change the name too much, but to make it shorter so he took the middle three letters of Napoleon: Pol, and added an O to make Polo which fitted his character of a minty disposition, and his a white coat.

 He became a member of the Shed some four years ago and was an instant hit with everyone! He greets everyone as they enter the Shed a quick snuffle around your shoes and when he is  convinced he knows you sits down and allows you to give him a little stroke and pat before he moves on to the next  arrival.

The Shed stands in the middle of a large builders yard which Polo took ownership at once, sniffing around the piles of building material, machines, and numerous Sheds.  The yard has a large open gate which is always open but he never wanders, he either investigates or lies in the sun but never ventures out in the rain without his rain coat.

Polo’s system inside the Shed is to wander around exploring:  in the busy machinery shop he just watches what's going on and doesn’t linger long, but in the other rooms he visits, if you are sitting down he will plonk himself down at your feet expecting you to stroke him. He isn't a pushy dog so if you don’t stroke or fuss him he doesn't  mind. At coffee time he takes a more positive approach, Mel gives him a doggie chew which he may or may not eat but he looks around the table looking for a lap to jump up on for a stroke and a biscuit - he has penchant for Ginger nuts which he thoroughly and loudly enjoys.

He is a truly remarkable friend who fits in with everything, bringing joy to everyone he meets and he enjoys his life to the full.